The Moment You Realize

In my heart I felt a deep urge of sharing these lines with you. They came recently to my mind like a sunbeam suddenly hitting the surface of a mirror. Sending the reflection of the light in various direction. This light reached a place inside of me where I expected void. I did not find void but a clear message saying:

The Oasis where I lost my Heart

Again through WorkAway I was lucky to find the TOTAL ART OASIS. A place that takes your breath away. Directly by entering the grounds you feel that this is not a normal camping or seminar ground. The source of the Moselle (deutsch: Mosel) with a lengths of 544km is the second biggest tributary of the Rhine which is flowing over the grounds of the TAO. The Col de Bussang is the home of the source on approx. 900m above sea level.

About Kærlighed, my Passion and Solitude

Kærlighed. Now you wonder what this funny looking word means. After I joined several Yoga Classes at the Anahata Yoga Retreat Center I wondered what Kærlighed is. They were mentioning it over and over again. It must be something very important worth mentioning very often. And what could not be mentioned enough? This word means Love in Danish. And all made sense.

Cow Poop, Yoga and my Learnings in Sweden

Childhood dreams are there to be fulfilled one day. One of my big dreams came true. Work on a farm and live in a community. At least for 6 weeks. How does a day on a farm look like? Before I answer this question it might be important to mention that Bhumis Farm in the southern part of Sweden is not a normal farm. It is a farm with spiritual roots in the ancient Indian Vedic teachings.

Follow your inner Call

Traveling alone in Sri Lanka was not always easy. A few of my impressions I shared already in my post Sri Lanka_Visiting versus Meeting. The first two weeks after my arrival in Sri Lanka I spend in the southern part. Enjoying beaches, early morning yoga in a little garden, reading, writing my diary and meeting with fellow travelers.

Digging Fifty Feet

2018 is coming to an end. Looking back at the past the last twelve months I can say it was one of the most colorful, turbulent and inspiring years of my life. Dealing with the loss of a close family member, the process of becoming a yoga teacher, feeling the change inside and in parallel […]

The Pilgrimage (II)

Coming down from a place located over 4.000m above sea level in the middle of the Himalayas was not easy. The elevation itself but also the ethereal atmosphere was not the same. We stayed one night in Rishikesh on our way to Vrindavan. A lively city famous for being a city of pilgrimage and Yoga, directly located on the Ganges. We took our last bath in the Ganges and after that I knew that I have to come back one day. (Who would have thought that this would be one year later). Preparing ourselves mentally for the arrival in Vrindavan. Diving into the practice of Bhakti Yoga.

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