The Moment You Realize

The Moment You Realize

There Is Enough

There is enough air,
for all of us to breathe.
There is enough light,
for all of us to grow.
There is enough music,
for all of us to dance.
There is enough joy,
for all of us to share.
There is enough love,
for all of us to give.
There is enough.
And there will be enough.

In my heart I felt a deep urge of sharing these lines with you. They came recently to my mind like a sunbeam suddenly hitting the surface of a mirror. Sending the reflection of the light in various direction. This light reached a place inside of me where I expected void. I did not find void but a clear message saying:

There Is Enough.

This message became a Mantra for me in the last weeks. Repeating it, adding different thoughts. And suddenly the poem was there. My first poem that I am sharing. Actually is this a poem? I don’t know. But I call it a poem.


Everything mentioned in the poem is for free. Now. Everytime. Everywhere. Unlimited. And we have all of it inside of us. We can express or experience it through our material body, through our senses. We have the choice to dance. If you always wait for the first person hitting the dance floor there might be no dancing at all. If you always wait for someone else to start, to start sharing, to start spreading joy, to start loving you might miss the opportunity to experience all of this. I know there is this thing called Vulnerability. And if you start sharing your inside you probably make yourself a target for other people. But then again I encourage you to see the value and to show up as the person you are. And the person you are has/can do all of what I mentioned above. Read the poem again.


Looking back at the last year I can now say I learned a lot. During my Sabbatical year I probably learned more than I learned in seven years working for different companies. Especially when it comes to decisions and relationships on different levels I was able to grow a lot. This was partly painful, exhausting and complex. Looking back I am thankful for what happened. I am thankful for the messages I received through the situations I went through. And most valuable for me is that everything that happened brought me closer to what I put in the center of my life. It’s the growth and development in consciousness – my spiritual path.

That is the reason why I am sharing this Year End’s Inspiration with you. I am sharing a card game which I created two years ago for our New Years Celebration. It encourages you, your friends and family to look back. But also to look into the future. To share your thoughts, hopes and wishes. And it’s for free. Cool?
But I have one request. Everyone who downloads this game is invited to donate 5,00€ somewhere, to someone (a person on the street, on the train…), to an Institution or any social project that you would love to support in 2019.
Yes, only a few days left. Do it. Karma is always with you.

Cosmic download from the universe – right here

*I may excuse myself for the poor English translation. Christmas Madness reached me as well.

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