Hey and welcome. My name is Jennifer. After working almost eight years in the fields of Marketing and Business Intelligence (IT) I decided to take a break to focus on what I love. Yoga and Meditation. For me it is the anchor and stability in life. In good times and in bad times. Through Yoga and Meditation I learned to embrace life in all it’s varieties and forms.

Jennifer Panama Mudra black white

I experienced how it feels being without a job, traveling, following a call that I started to hear in October 2017 when I went on a pilgrimage to India. I am happy and thankful to hear the voice of my heart. And to start trusting this voice. Now I let this voice guide my way.

So far I am humbly thankful for what happened since I follow my heart. So many wonderful people entered my life, some old friends suddenly showed up again and I discovered new talents that opened up new opportunities. I started leading Yoga and  Meditation Workshops and Classes, lead Kundalini Yoga in a park and several Yoga Workshops together with other lovely souls.

There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground;
there are a thousand ways to go home again.